ChannelAdvisor Velocity Repricing

Be the Most Competitive Seller on Every Channel

With ChannelAdvisor Velocity Repricing, it’s easy to adjust product prices based on the latest seasons and trends. If sales dip, so can the price. When orders occur with more frequency, you can set your account to once again raise the cost of that item.

Once set up, velocity pricing eliminates the need to manually monitor inventory levels or scour sites for sales velocity data. You can rest assured that your dynamic prices will nearly always be right. It means spending less on storage fees for underperforming products and earning more for each top-performing SKU.

How It Works

With ChannelAdvisor Velocity Repricing, product prices are adjusted automatically based on your goals — whether you want to extract more margin on fast-selling products or lower prices when sales are slow. Inventory, product performance and sales velocity metrics are all monitored in the background. Simply set your criteria and then watch as prices are automatically adjusted up or down based on the latest sales data.

Is a product selling really well? Use your velocity repricer to raise the price and improve profit margins. Then, when sales start to slow, you can lower the price back down to get inventory moving again. There’s no need to manually check on inventory levels or study sales conditions. All of the work is done for you — and not just on one channel, but across numerous marketplaces and webstores.

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ChannelAdvisor Velocity Repricing is the easiest, most effective way to match prices to market demand. Request a demo to see it in action.

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