Sell on eBay with ChannelAdvisorOpen doors to new possibilities and soaring revenue

eBay is one of the largest marketplaces in the world ā€” and it’s growing!

ChannelAdvisor is the industry’s most robust marketplaces solution to get you listed, selling and optimized on eBay to reap the full benefit of this powerhouse marketplace.

With ChannelAdvisor’s centralized inventory and order management, retailers can:

  • Add eBay as a new marketplace with relative ease
  • Automate the categorization of your products on eBay
  • Open doors to new possibilities and soaring revenue

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More about our solution:Ā 

Our platform is built around a single integration point ā€” one you can use to transform your product data feed intoĀ optimised product listingsĀ on overĀ 90 marketplaces around the globe. Then use an array of features to list faster, sell more and make fulfilment easier.

With ChannelAdvisor, you can:

Manage Product Data

Let our powerful Data Transformation Engine format your product data to meet the many listing requirements of each marketplace.

  • Product Mapping defines what product data gets sent to which marketplace
  • Lookup Lists match product data to each marketplaceā€™s format
  • Dynamic Business Rules automatically transform data for each channel
  • Bundles group multiple SKUs
  • Product Variations expand bundle options to offer various sizes, colors and more

Multitask on Multiple Marketplaces

Know which products are available and where. And make overselling a thing of the past.

  • Inventory Juggler lists the same product quantity across marketplaces
  • Advanced Quantity Management uses buffers to control advertised quantities
  • Out-of-Stock Inventory Blocking immediately removes products when stocks run low
  • Prioritised Distribution Centers track stock levels at every fulfilment center
  • Scheduling sets each productā€™s duration, type, quantity and relisting frequency
  • Categoriser classifies products to fit each marketplaceā€™s specifications

Reprice the Smart Way

Save time and win big with our algorithmic repricers. ChannelAdvisorā€™s intelligent algorithmic repricing technology (currently available for Amazon and eBay) allows you to capture more Buy Box, Best Offer and above-the-fold positions at the highest prices possible.

Manage Orders

  • Because making the sale is only half the battle.
  • Proximity Order Routing reduces shipping costs and delivery times
  • Post-Sales Tracking makes it easy to monitor fulfilment cycles
  • Order Consolidator bundles separate orders from the same eBay buyers
  • Customisable Invoice Templates deliver the right message for each order

Turn Insights into Action

Choose from dozens of widgets and reports to get to the data that matters most on Amazon, eBay, and beyond: transactions and trends across marketplaces, sales history, top performers, inventory and much, much more. Plus competitive dashboards to helpĀ identify new growth opportunities.