MaybornManages 250+ Products From a Single Platform With Brand Analytics

Company Overview

As the company behind some of the world’s most beloved baby care brands, Mayborn Group has a lot of consumers to keep happy. With offices in the US, France, Italy, Hong Kong, and Australia, the UK-based business has sold millions of products to thousands of parents over the years. But after decades of developing a strong distribution network, Mayborn Group says its employees hit some unprecedented challenges as the company expanded its online presence.

The Situation

In France, Mayborn’s e-commerce team handles the distribution of 250 products under the Tommee Tippee brand. When it comes to managing an essential network of online retail partners — including one in France — the job fell on the shoulders of one individual located at the company’s Paris office. With hundreds of SKUs and product pricing to monitor across multiple retailers, it was an extremely heavy lift for a single account manager.

“I think this is the hardest part of my job,” said Benjamin Auffray, E-Commerce Account Manager and Business Analyst. “I can’t manage all these products individually with each retailer. I have to deal with all these retailers at the same time.”

Auffray says it would be an impossible task to handle manually. So instead, he decided to turn to an automated solution.

“My daily role is to ensure my products are at the right price, at the right place,” he said.

The Solution

With ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics, Auffray says he can easily manage 250+ products from a single platform. Comprehensive dashboards and reporting allow him to make informed business decisions about product availability, pricing and more.

Auffray says the platform not only relieves the burden of manually checking product pages across e-commerce sites, but also allows him to make adjustments quickly.

“I use ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics every day to track my online prices, unavailability online and reviews,” he explained.

The Results

Mayborn’s account manager says ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics saves him four to five hours each week, while helping the brand improve retailer relationships with seamless communication and reports.

“I set up some notifications so I can easily see which products are unavailable,” said Auffray, who notes that this advantage allows him to immediately take action with retailers as needed.

Mayborn Group is among a growing number of global brands that rely on e-commerce intelligence to gain actionable insights into how their products are performing across thousands of retailer websites and marketplaces.

“The most powerful thing with ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics is the fact you can set every report you want,” said Auffray. “You can have an overall vision of your market. So in two minutes, I can see if there is a problem in my distribution online.”


Location:Paris, France


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