Factory MotoDriving Success With ChannelAdvisor

Company Overview

Factory Moto is an automotive apparel company selling a range of designer motorcycle and scooter protective clothing and accessories. Simon Peters of Henleys Clothing collaborated with motorcycle dealer Miles Jackson and designer Jonathan Cherrie to create the new brand of protective bike gear.

The company’s aim is to incorporate both protection and style into a clothing line. To complement the clothing range, the Factory Moto team also developed a range of bike cosmetics, offering bikers an alternative to other options available in the market.

The Situation

Originally, Factory Moto focused its efforts on selling the company’s clothing range at automotive trade shows and events. But in 2012, because of changes in consumer shopping habits and the increasing popularity of online shopping, the company made the business decision to stop exhibiting at trade shows and dedicate more time to growing Factory Moto’s online store.

With this shift in strategy, the company also began to look at selling on online marketplaces and saw the opportunity to grow its business not only in the UK but internationally as well. At the time, Factory Moto managed its inventory in-house, including approximately 1,200 SKUs, all listed in a universal sizing metric that was translated manually. This was a time-consuming process that needed to be streamlined before Factory Moto could scale its business internationally.

The Solution

Factory Moto turned to ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces to expand its business to eBay and Amazon. With the help of ChannelAdvisor, the company was able to automatically syndicate its product listings across both channels using the same keywords and titles. This enabled Factory Moto to increase its customer base and begin selling internationally, in a relatively short time.

“As we expanded, our sales began to grow, and managing our stock became an increasingly complex task,” said Miles Jackson, operations manager for Factory Moto. “However, with ChannelAdvisor’s platform we now have real-time visibility into our stock quantities, which has freed up the time spent manually stock checking. We couldn’t live without it now!”

After its success on eBay and Amazon, the apparel retailer decided to take the step to expand internationally. Factory Moto had a built-in growth strategy with ChannelAdvisor, as the platform allowed the retailer to scale its business without adding costly resources or sacrificing ROI (Return-On-Investment) targets — all through one interface that worked across multiple marketplaces.

“Expanding into foreign markets was a big move for us, but we knew that the ChannelAdvisor platform would give us the insights we needed to make informed business decisions. With ChannelAdvisor’s reporting, we have a 360-degree view of our sales across different marketplaces, collated into a simple dashboard. This helps us decide what products we should be selling, and where,” continued Jackson.

The Results

Since working with ChannelAdvisor, the Factory Moto team has successfully been able to increase Factory Moto’s UK presence across Amazon and eBay. In addition, the brand is now available internationally through Amazon in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US.

“ChannelAdvisor has effectively helped us increase sales and expand into new markets, radically increasing our customer base. As a result, we’re now looking to expand our geographical reach even further, to both China and Japan.” continued Jackson.

Factory Moto

Location:Bolton, UK

Web: http://www.factorymoto.co.uk/

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