Company Overview

DigitalShopper is a global top-rated online superstore that offers thousands of products, including electronics, computers, home and garden, toys and personal care, at the lowest price possible. The company stands by the concept of “Free Shipping on Everything” and today considers itself a hybrid of e-commerce and technology. DigitalShopper’s leadership and investments have helped shape the company’s exceptional client experience and drive its global expansion.

The Situation

DigitalShopper relied on a manual process for its order fulfillment. But as a high-volume seller who was expanding its global footprint, this process became increasingly difficult to manage. Without access to real-time data at its distribution centres – specifically, inventory pricing and availability – the company struggled to scale its business.

“As our customer base increased, placing and creating orders at our distribution centres became challenging for us,” says Sherif Mohamed, CEO, DigitalShopper. “We had a team who manually processed and fulfilled orders with online systems that weren’t connected to marketplaces. Lacking access to real-time data contributed to our inefficiency, and ultimately, affected our inventory management and customer experience. We quickly learned that reliable, automated inventory and order routing were crucial for us to maintain a high-level customer experience.”

This manual fulfillment process also meant that DigitalShopper faced limitations with how frequently it published inventory and pricing updates across channels. Within a few hours of publishing, they often found the information was no longer accurate. Mohamed adds, “Stock-outs are not an option for us. To help ensure we were exceeding our customers’ expectations, we needed an automated solution to help with our inventory management and fulfillment.”

The Solution

An existing ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces client, DigitalShopper turned to ChannelAdvisor’s Fulfillment Services for seamless integrations to some of the top electronics distributors in the market. This solution offers DigitalShopper an optimized fulfillment experience with intelligent order routing and automated order entry, as well as real time inventory management and tracking updates. Just as ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Services helps customers scale their businesses with an integrated platform, DigitalShopper used those same integrated tools to manage B2C fulfillment; creating a positive customer experience outcome, and building loyalty and brand equity. Leveraging ChannelAdvisor’s full suite of services to manage their business from listing to label proved critical to delivering on DigitalShopper’s commitment to their customers.

The Results

Since transitioning to ChannelAdvisor’s Fulfillment Services, DigitalShopper has experienced significant results. Prior to automation, they reported 89% of orders had valid tracking, which meant not every customer was able to track their order through delivery. Today, this number is at 98%, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. The company also has seen an increase in on-time delivery. “Previously, we were operating at 95% for on-time delivery,” says Mohamed. “We’ve now jumped to 100%. We’re happy, and our customers are happy.”

DigitalShopper also reports that prior to ChannelAdvisor’s Fulfillment Services, 96% of orders were shipped on time. Mohamed emphasizes that “it took a lot of time and manual work to make that number happen.” Since automating their fulfillment, 99% of orders ship on time after they are received.

“ChannelAdvisor’s Fulfillment Services is easy to use. Once it’s configured, there’s not a lot of day to day usage of the systems, which saves us valuable time and money. That’s the beauty of automation – it just happens. The implementation with marketplaces was also seamless, and the ChannelAdvisor team helped us integrate into different distribution centers,” says Mohamed.

Mohamed adds, “We’re receiving automated reports on metrics that we never had. We have visibility into the fulfillment times per distribution center. We can see that our average fulfillment time is 7 hours and 21 minutes. Measuring fulfillment to the minute is what creates the customer experience. It means the customer is going to get an order that much sooner.” By automating their fulfillment, DigitalShopper has been able to scale rapidly and globally. They’ve launched in both the U.S. and Canada, and they’re looking to expand to the UK and Germany in 2018. “The global aspect of e-commerce is huge,” Mohamed says. “Today’s sellers have to think in a global fashion. ChannelAdvisor’s Fulfillment Services has provided us with a huge advantage. It would be difficult to expand at the level we want without them as a partner.”

Location:Richardson, TX, USA


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