Manage the shipping process efficiently with the right tools and the right integrations with logistics partners

Our platform provides a variety of capabilities that help you manage your shipping more effectively, whether you fulfil orders in your own warehouses, use third-party logistics providers, dropship distributors and more.

Streamline your shipping operations from your own warehouse with connections to shipping and services partners

Shipping Management Partners

ChannelAdvisor’s integration and long-standing relationship with ShipStation gives you a full suite of features, including automation rules, alerts, one-click returns management and more

Shipping Management Suite

Cover the basics of your shipping operation with connections to the most common shipping partners and services, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, Amazon and Pitney Bowes.

  • Process bulk orders
  • Streamline custom picklists
  • Create branded packing slips
  • Shop for the best rate on each order
  • Print labels across carriers
  • Manage return labels

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Augment your own warehouse operations by leveraging integrations with third party warehouses

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

  • Sync inventory, orders, and tracking into the ChannelAdvisor platform
  • Use FBA to support your own website or other marketplaces, where allowed
  • Identify the status of your products in the FBA supply chain
  • Understand trends in the number of products and sales tied to FBA
  • Quickly pinpoint inventory issues including excess, stranded and aged inventory
  • Forecast necessary inbound quantity based on timeline and begin the inbound shipment request directly
  • Adjust active listings automatically to seller/merchant fulfilled when the FBA listing goes out of stock
  • Maximum exposure for your products with ChannelAdvisor’s support for Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment

Zalando Fulfilment Services (ZFS)

  • Meet Zalando’s stringent fulfilment requirements without burdening your own warehouses
  • See available stock in warehouse zones
  • Submit orders with ZFS

Third Party Logistics Providers (3PLs)

For brands and retailers that may need third-party logistics support, ChannelAdvisor maintains global partnerships covering a wide array of 3PL needs, allowing you to:

  • Power fast, easy, and accurate connections to your 3PLs
  • Synchronise product availability for updates across marketplaces and websites
  • Generate and distribute custom purchase-orders to meet the specifications of your 3PLs
  • Simplify order statuses for an easy understanding of where an order is in its lifecycle
  • Update order status to “shipped” once tracking numbers have been created and shipping information is confirmed back to the marketplace.

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Receive advanced support for your drop ship partnerships

Dropship Network

  • Reduce the overhead and inefficiencies often associated with managing a dropship program
  • Easily map your product catalog to the disparate catalogs of your partners
  • Avoid overselling through integrated inventory quantity management
  • Optimise fulfilment based on product availability, ship time, and cost

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Manage custom connections to third-party fulfilment partners

Custom Fulfilment Connections

  • Expand third party fulfilment connections without costly internal IT resources
  • Focus on your core business by outsourcing troubleshooting and ongoing management
  • Avoid overselling through integrated inventory quantity management
  • Optimise fulfilment based on product availability, ship time, and cost

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