The ChannelAdvisor platform includes embedded shipping management capabilities and works seamlessly with leading shipping management solutions to streamline your shipping operations.

Shipping Management Partners

With ChannelAdvisor, you have access to Marketplaces and Fulfillment platforms that connect you to more online channels globally than ever before. Now add ShipStation to your process and you’ll be equipped to ensure speedy deliveries on every order and streamline the shipping process for the rest of the fulfillment cycle. Let ChannelAdvisor and ShipStation help you sell more, all the while securing you the best e-commerce shipping rates.

As the Preferred shipping partner with a very long-standing relationship, ShipStation’s ChannelAdvisor integration provides a full suite of what you need to make and keep your business successful. From features like using automation rules that send alerts whenever you get a high value order, to 1-click returns management, or even sharpening your ecommerce order fulfillment process, they have you covered at ShipStation.

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Shipping Management Suite

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If you fulfill from your own warehouses and require basic shipping management capabilities, the ChannelAdvisor platform includes a Shipping Management Suite that connects to the most common shipping partners and services. Through the Shipping Management Suite, you can cover the basics of your shipping management operation, including:

  • Process bulk orders
  • Streamline custom picklists
  • Create branded packing slips
  • Shop for the best rate on each order
  • Print labels across carriers
  • Manage return labels