A multichannel approach to Shoppable Media

You spend too much time and money on your digital marketing campaigns to risk sending motivated consumers to an out-of-stock product. ChannelAdvisor Shoppable Media offers two powerful multichannel media features, Dynamic Shopping Links and Buy Now Interstitial, to help ensure that your digital marketing content sends consumers to an in-stock product page at a preferred retailer.

ChannelAdvisor Dynamic Shopping Links

Dynamic Shopping Links uses proprietary technology to automatically link to backup products, bundles, or alternate retailers to ensure the products you are promoting can always be purchased by consumers.

Dynamic Shopping Links help your brand:

  • Increase conversions by removing out-of-stock dead ends
  • Create a better consumer experience
  • Strengthen retailer relationships
  • Gain valuable insight into customer behavior and retailer performance

ChannelAdvisor Buy Now Interstitial

Buy Now Interstitial allows interested consumers to decide where they’ll complete their purchase through your digital campaigns.

Buy Now Interstitial allows your brand to:

  • Leverage our easy-to-use on-demand capabilities to accelerate the time to market
  • Customize your experience to include different media assets, including video and multiple rotating images
  • Increase opportunities for conversion by only displaying the retailers where the product is in-stock
  • Select backup products in case all of your retailers are out of stock

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