ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces centralises your marketplace integrations, automates critical tasks, and optimises performance, allowing you to operate more strategically, expand into new channels with ease and beat the competition.

As the #1 channel management provider to the Internet Retailer Top 1000 since 2013, ChannelAdvisor empowers you to create a truly seamless experience for consumers, from the first touch to the front door.

The Benefits

  • Scale your business with ease to hundreds of global marketplaces and retail channels without building new integrations
  • Save time and reduce the workload of your internal teams by automating time-consuming tasks and consolidating orders from marketplaces, webstores, and first party retailers in a comprehensive, unified view
  • Ensure compliance by automatically transforming and optimising your product data to meet the unique content requirements of each marketplace
  • Avoid overselling by synchronising inventory quantity across all your sales channels
  • Outmaneuver competitors by optimising pricing for your entire product catalogue using advanced repricing strategies and competitive intelligence
  • Increase product visibility and effectively manage your ad spend by leveraging Amazon Advertising and eBay Promoted Listings from within the platform
  • Identify opportunities to grow sales and profits through powerful reporting and dashboard analytics