ChannelAdvisor provides advanced support for brands that are expanding or looking to more efficiently manage existing fulfillment capabilities, by building, managing, and monitoring connections to the distribution points within the fulfillment network.


shipping containers stacked on top of each other

  • Expand third party fulfillment connections without costly internal IT resources
  • Focus on your core business by outsourcing troubleshooting and ongoing management
  • Avoid overselling through integrated inventory quantity management
  • Optimize fulfillment based on product availability, ship time, and cost


  • Customized integrations with troubleshooting until the order flow works as expected
  • Fully managed and monitored connections to your partners and warehouses for maximum uptime
  • Access to accurate inventory and cost information at each warehouse
  • Intelligent order routing to identify the best warehouse based on availability, cost and shipping speed criteria
  • Real-time tracking updates (when available) for submission back to the retail channel

warehouse full of boxes