Buy Now Interstitial allows the consumer to decide where they’ll complete their purchase by letting them choose a preferred retailer from within an on-brand interstitial experience.

The Benefits

3 phone showing the path to purchase from youtube video to product listing
  • Transform digital marketing campaigns into shoppable experiences
  • Increase opportunities for conversion by only displaying the retailers where the product is in-stock
  • Create a better overall experience for your customers by giving them more control
  • Build stronger relationships with your preferred retailers
  • Develop a powerful set of customer, retailer and sales order data for your business

How It Works

shoppable media advertisement on website
  • ChannelAdvisor Buy Now Interstitial enables you to promote products and drive traffic to retailers through your digital campaigns.
  • ChannelAdvisor Buy Now Interstitial acts as an on-brand landing page that can be customized to include different media assets, including video, static images, or multiple rotating images.
  • Buy Now Interstitial campaigns can be created directly from your ChannelAdvisor account to promote a single product or a bundle of products.
  • If you decide to promote a single product, you can select additional products to act as backups in case the primary product runs out of stock.
  • Retailers are displayed in the Buy Now Interstitial based on your selection, display settings, and product availability.