Will You Be Allowed to Sell Your Next Product Line on Amazon?

You’re a retailer and you’ve listed your products on Amazon. Things are going well. Conversions are coming in, you’re increasing your SKU count and your prices are competitive. But then you hit a wall. It turns out Amazon won’t allow you to sell that new brand on the marketplace.

What happened? Where were the warning signs? Selling on Amazon requires you to learn a new language, but selling effectively on the marketplace also requires you to master a new rulebook. Unfortunately, some of the rules in the book aren’t published, leaving you to learn as you go, or worse – learn the hard way.

In this eBook, we’ve come up with 10 questions that you should always ask yourself when considering listing a new product on Amazon, including:

  • Is the product in a ‘gated’ category?
  • Are you adhering to the manufacturer’s minimum price requests?
  • Is the product in a closed category?
  • And seven more!