Understanding and Unlocking the Potential of Voice Commerce

Sponsored Report by Internet Retailing

Your customers are talking to you; but are you listening? Voice Commerce has gone from a concept to a daily reality for many consumers in an incredibly short space of time. It’s hard to imagine that the entire product segment of smart speakers only emerged in the last three years.

Estimates by Google predict that voice search will jump to 50% of queries to its search engine by 2020. If that’s anywhere close to accurate, this will mark a fundamental and dramatic change to the commerce landscape.

But why has voice commerce taken the industry by storm? We’ve collaborated with Internet Retailing to compile this white paper, which gives insights into voice commerce, including:

  • Background of voice commerce
  • How it can work for retailers
  • What does the future hold
  • Case studies of retailers doing it well
  • And more!


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