To Sell Direct Or Not – The Big Brand Challenge Of 2017

Mike Shapaker, Vice President and Managing Director, Europe at ChannelAdvisor

Tom Stone, Senior Product Manager at L'Oreal

Emily Tan, Technology Editor at Campaign

Original Air Date: Thursday, 11th May

Brands selling direct to consumers puts the brand back in the driving seat and opens dialogue that might have been missing previously. But does that mean a better customer experience?

Customer expectations are constantly increasing – this is not new news. They demand a seamless experience and they want to engage with the brands they love beyond the product on offer.

Nearly half of all branded manufacturers sell at least some products directly to consumers from their own website. Brands are the product source and therefore in a unique position in the world of e-commerce. But, selling directly to consumers doesn’t mean a brand is providing a better experience. Insight is needed, customer strategy and understanding is vital and the right culture is fundamental to the success of going direct.

View our webinar, where we’ll discuss the best ways to approach selling direct, including:

  • The challenges brands face when considering going direct and how we can address these issues
  • How to strategically approach direct selling and the steps to success
  • Measurement and gaining customer feedback – which analytic tools and platforms are available to maximise reach, measure success and generate vital insight