The Essential Guide to Brand Product Pages

This Brand Analytics white paper covers a 360° view of e-commerce product content, to help brands leverage content to drive sales and brand equity across their retailer network!

It’s clear e-commerce plays a big role in people’s lives and will continue to for the foreseeable future. Global e-commerce is expected to grow to $6.07 trillion by 2024.

Brands selling on third-party sites (marketplaces, online retailers) are restricted in the type and amount of content that they can use on product pages. This means they need to leverage every product page element available to them to stand out in search results, offer the best possible experience, and convert sales.

Successful brands are proactive about the content they put up. There’s no fluff—even a simple bulleted list is a chance to incorporate sales copywriting and tie features to benefits.

Download this white paper: The Essential Brand Guide to Product Page Content — to find out how important content is for today’s consumers, see a recap of basic e-commerce content requirements at major online retailers, and get an introduction to our newest solution: Content Performance.