Selling to the US with Newegg

James Storie-Pugh, Director at Newegg & Hakan Thyr, Partnerships Director at ChannelAdvisor EMEA

With US sales expected to reach more than $500 billion by 2020, an increasing amount of European retailers are looking to expand their e-commerce business to this lucrative region. However, hurdles like sales tax liability or logistics can be off-putting to retailers. Rather than shying away from the opportunity, there are ways to understand the nuances of selling to the US, enabling retailers to scale and succeed.*

With over 8,000 sellers, above 487 million visits per year and 10.5 million products listed, Newegg is a great marketplace for retailers looking to broaden their sales to the US.*

Don’t miss out on this exclusive webinar where experts James Storie-Pugh, Director at Newegg and Hakan Thyr, Partnerships Director at ChannelAdvisor EMEA will detail how to create and execute an effective selling strategy to the US.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of selling on Newegg
  • How to gauge if your product portfolio will work for the US market
  • Understand the complexities of sales tax liability and payment
  • How to save time and money on logistics
  • Techniques for creating engaging product listings
  • Additional services that help to streamline your business operations
  • And more!

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