Multichannel Trends 2019: Current State of Multichannel Retailing in UK Fashion

It’s already shaping up to be an interesting year as retailers press on with their digital or cross-channel evolution.

In this report, we explore:

Investment plans: We speak to retailers including Dune, Levi’s and Lulu Guinness about their investment plans.

Privacy and data: How are consumer attitudes evolving regarding the data that companies hold on them, and what are retailers doing in response?

Leading multichannel stores from across the globe: Stores have become retailers’ multichannel not-so-secret weapon. We take a look at some of the best, and investigate how brands are using physical retail to best effect.

Next-generation search: How social, voice and image recognition technologies are changing how people find, discover and become inspired by fashion product.

Is menswear leading the way in multichannel? The menswear market enjoyed high online growth in 2018, partly driven by increasingly innovative multichannel concepts and digitally-led ideas designed to make shopping easier. We look at why menswear is pulling ahead of other categories within the multichannel space, and we explore some of the most innovative ideas.

How is AI impacting multichannel marketing? Retail marketing is evolving swiftly as retailers and brands catch up with changing consumer behaviour. What new tools are emerging to help a brand’s marketing efforts become more relevant and more effective, and how is artificial intelligence changing the game for marketeers? This section will explore what multichannel marketing looks like in 2019 and beyond.

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