Life After Lockdown: Consumer Attitudes to In-store Shopping

The e-commerce landscape is evolving quickly as consumers and brands adapt to living in a pandemic. Consumer behaviour formed during this unprecedented time will shape shopping habits for years to come.

As non-essential stores in the UK open their doors to the public after a three-month lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic — it’s clear that retail, as we used to know it, has changed forever.

It’s still early days for bricks and mortar retailers as they face a set of challenges no-one could have predicted. We wanted to discover how consumers feel about the first few days of trading — what do their attitudes to shopping tell us about the future of the store in a socially distanced world?

We polled 1050 British shoppers, exactly seven days since stores opened, to find out if there’s life in the store yet — and the results are in.

Read our infographic to find out more.