E-commerce Trends for Peak Season and Beyond: How retailers and brands are approaching a digital-first Christmas time

The festive season is typically the peak of the retail calendar. But this year has been far from typical when it comes to retail sales. With Black Friday this year falling over the lockdown period when all “non-essential” stores have been required to close, it’s no wonder that this peak is expected to be a truly digital experience. In fact, UK retail e-commerce festive season sales will grow 16.7% this year to account for a record high of 32.2% of all retail sales during the period.

So what does this mean for brands and retailers? How are they seeing the holiday period evolving and what trends are front of mind? We worked with Retail Gazette to survey 134 brands and retailers from developing sellers to major household names to understand their priorities for peak and beyond. And the results are in.

Read the infographic to find out more.