Expand Your Reach with Facebook Dynamic & Carousel Ads

You’ve been waiting for a decade to fully leverage the massive popularity of social giant Facebook — a site that recently had one billion users logged in within a single day (that’s billion with a “b”). Until recently, it was tough to monetise that popularity, if not impossible. Now, Facebook dynamic product ads are providing a successful way for retailers to profit from Facebook’s tremendous reach.

Our support for dynamic product ads complements our other social support included in ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing, and allows you to manage every aspect of your dynamic product ads from soup to nuts. That includes managing the functionality of your campaigns from both the ad and ad group level, as well as previewing the ad while it’s being created. With our powerful Data Transformation Engine, you can create, schedule and send a product feed to Facebook. You’ll also be able to view valuable performance reporting at the product level.

Also, you’ll now have one account to rule them all! No more logging in and out of your account inefficiently. Once you set up your account with Facebook, you can do everything within the ChannelAdvisor platform.

And the best part? As a ChannelAdvisor user you will be able to view and analyse your results from Facebook right alongside your other product ads and channels. You don’t need to outsource this feed to this agency, or that feed to that provider. With ChannelAdvisor, it’s all under one roof.