Expand and Grow on European Marketplaces

When selling on marketplaces, most brands and retailers begin by listing on Amazon and eBay — and with good reason. These two marketplace giants are the go-to shopping destinations for many e-commerce consumers. But they’re far from your only options. Across Europe, a growing array of sales channels offers some tremendous opportunities for online sellers looking to expand and grow.

For example, did you know that retail professionals worldwide have named “the continuing dominance of online marketplaces” as the #1 game-changer for cross-border e-commerce? Or that one in four Europeans shops online every week? E-commerce sales in the European Union Five — France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK — are expected to surpass $400 billion by 2022. And it’s being driven largely by marketplaces.

Expanding to new channels is no longer optional in this environment. For sellers that want to remain competitive, marketplace expansion is a must. The key is to identify which opportunities make the most sense for your products. The only question is: Where should you start?

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