E-Commerce Opportunities & Threats: Insights into the future of online grocery shopping

Mike Shapaker - Vice President and Managing Director, Europe, Channel Advisor

Mike serves as VP and managing director, EMEA for ChannelAdvisor, where he is responsible for developing the company’s local strategy and direction for growth. Mike was also the VP of brands and manufacturers at ChannelAdvisor, where he was responsible for leading the ChannelAdvisor for Brands initiative.

With innovative technology rapidly transforming the way consumers shop, even the biggest key players of e-commerce can struggle to keep pace.

Join Mike Shapaker, ChannelAdvisor’s Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA for this webinar to learn e-commerce opportunities and threats, and which trends are shaping up the future of online grocery shopping.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

• Which trends are driving online grocery retailing
• How to make the best of e-commerce opportunities
• How mobile is re-shaping the grocery buying process
• Which threats brands and distributors should avoid