[Digital Commerce 360] 2022 B2B Marketplaces: Growth and Trends

The B2B e-commerce industry has had a love/hate relationship with marketplaces over the last 20 years.

From late 1999 through 2001, B2B marketplaces went looking for love from B2B buyers and sellers, but the resulting affair was short.

Fast forward to 2022, and B2B buyers and sellers are in love once more with marketplaces. And the feeling from marketplace operators is mutual.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forever changed how buyers want to do business with e-commerce sellers. A younger and more online-oriented business buyer is primarily a digital-first customer. And where this rapidly growing audience wants to do business is online — and on marketplaces.

B2B marketplaces are now the fastest-growing channel in B2B e-commerce, based on a market projection from Digital Commerce 360.

The B2B Marketplace 400 report describes in detailed data and analysis how B2B marketplaces are blossoming.