Connecting Commerce Through Marketing, Selling and Fulfilling

Jonathan Laverentz, Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor
Gregg Shupe, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Original Air Date: 10 October 2017

New ChannelAdvisor Capabilities Help Sellers Improve Marketing and Grow Sales

The key to reaching or exceeding e-commerce revenue goals? Closely aligning your sales and marketing strategies.

ChannelAdvisor’s newest features can help you do just that. We’ve taken some of the biggest advantages of our e-commerce platform and made them even more advanced, making it easier than ever to manage digital marketing and influence sales.

Watch our on-demand webinar for an in-depth look at these exciting new capabilities and learn how you can use them to quickly improve your competitive edge. We’ll explain how you can better align your consumer’s path to purchase with improved marketing capabilities, enhanced pricing intelligence and predictive demand forecasting.

Here’s a sneak peak several new features:

Connect to more customers with the AMS integration for 1P Sellers
Get greater returns on your Amazon ad spend by managing bulk bids, getting keyword suggestions and viewing data by custom date ranges — features that aren’t available when using the Amazon Marketing Services interface. These are just a few examples of numerous new tools you can use to manage Amazon advertising alongside nearly 100 other marketing channels within ChannelAdvisor.

Grow sales channels by leveraging algorithmic repricers with Price Manager
Most marketplace sales happen in the Buy Box, and winning those top spots requires continual price monitoring. But it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reprice on multiple channels without breaching price policy contracts. ChannelAdvisor Price Manager solves this problem so you can execute on a cross-channel repricing strategy. With this feature, your repricers act independently to come up with the best decision for each marketplace and then have the lowest price applied everywhere.

Improve operations with Demand Forecaster to provide insights into inventory
Demand Forecaster makes it easy to predict the inventory needed to meet upcoming sales demand across multiple channels, helping sellers accurately align product volume to their current e-commerce trends. This advanced feature puts the right data at your fingertips so you can get the right level of inventory — at the right time and for the right channel.

Other highlights include additional support for eBay Guaranteed Delivery, Seller Fulfilled Prime in the UK and Germany and new dashboard widgets and reports to help improve shipping.