CMO REPORT: UK Brand Insights 2021

In the past 18  months, Brexit and the COVID-19 crisis remain the biggest disruptions making it a difficult time for businesses in UK retail and e-commerce. During this time, there have been significant barriers to cross-border business with the EU and changes regarding shopping habits, supply chain reliability as well as many lessons learnt for a better future and growth in e-commerce.

In collaboration with research firm CensusWide, we surveyed over 300 Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) at UK Brands Selling Online. Their insights have shone a spotlight onto an area of retail that has received relatively little attention in previous months. The CMOs confidence and optimism on display indicates that these companies will be the cornerstone of UK recovery as they adapt to the changes that Brexit and the COVID-19 crisis have brought.

The key takeaways from this report include: 

  • The effects of the COVID-19 crisis and Brexit on brands and their responses
  • Brand reactions to changing consumer behaviour 
  • Brands’ new found approach to D2C selling 
  • Ways for brands to maximise on the growth of e-commerce

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