6 Hurdles E-Commerce Sellers Face When Selling Internationally

By 2022 cross-border shopping will make up 20% of all e-commerce, with sales predicted to reach an incredible $630 billion. (Forrester data).

While some e-retailers are already reaping the rewards of global e-commerce – many have yet to dip their toes into international waters; the imagined complexities and risks appear to be outweighing the potential benefits.

In this eBook we’ll show you that, so long as you do your research – and address issues head-on – you could quickly gain a new and profitable audience of loyal customers abroad. We look at 6 common hurdles retailers face when it comes to cross-border selling – along with tips and practical solutions to help you negotiate them, including:

  • Finding the right target market
  • Competing on price
  • Overcoming logistical nightmares
  • And more