10 Marketplace Mishaps You Need to Avoid

Global marketplaces are expected to own 39% of the online retail market by 2020. In other words, optimising your presence on these channels today is time well spent.*

But the predicted growth is a double-edged sword: Sellers could see similar growth levels, but they could also see unprecedented competition.

The takeaway for sellers is that you need to dot all your “i’s”, cross all your “t’s” and avoid the marketplace mishaps that could result in missed sales.

Read our eBook for insight into the common errors you could be making on marketplaces, along with ways to overcome them, including: 

  • Are You Neglecting Inaccurate Feedback?
  • Are You Being Unclear on Returns?
  • Are You Satisfied with Mediocre Listings?
  • And Seven More!

Source: ecommercenews.eu