Google Premier Partner Awards Case Study

Company Overview

Outdoor Look is an online retailer specialising in quality branded outdoor clothing, hiking gear and other outdoor recreational products.


ChannelAdvisor has worked with Cheshire based apparel retailer Outdoor Look since 2013, before upgrading to a full service managed digital marketing solution in June 2016.

Having a large inventory, and being present in an extremely competitive marketplace, Outdoor Look sought to grow revenue whilst simultaneously improving Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) via Google Shopping, which to date had limited, single campaign activity.

Key Challenges Included:

  • Increasing reach
  • Identification of key, top-performing products within an inventory of consistent change (seasonal turnover)
  • Conversion Rates in a competitive market, especially on Mobile
  • Reducing current CPA

The Solution

The solution lay in harnessing the true power of ChannelAdvisorā€™s software platform: Product Performance analysis. Utilising ChannelAdvisorā€™s Product Performance views, and insight from the Marketplaces module Outdoor Look have been using to advertise across different channels, the Digital team could identify products with particularly high margins, conversion rates and low CPA. By harnessing this data, the team could construct a sophisticated, granular Google Shopping campaign structure that utilised Custom Labels in a way which enabled our Campaign Managers to focus on priority products that had been identified as an opportunity. This was a resounding success in improving both revenue and efficiency. It also resulted in some surprises- we were able to establish a niche in previously deprioritised brands and pursue them more aggressively on the Google Shopping landscape, consistently performing despite low initial expectation.

Seeking out ever more site traffic, the team turned their attention to the opportunities Google Export could offer. As Outdoor Look offers international shipping, this was the next logical progression for the account, and as ChannelAdvisorā€™s feed solution enabled quick data manipulation to construct feeds for multiple markets, the team were able to launch activity quickly in 8 new markets.

The Results

Based on the strength of ChannelAdvisorā€™s results against key KPIā€™s, Outdoor Look decided to bring a second brand, eBrookes, on board for Managed Digital Marketing in November 2016.

Outdoor Look commented: ā€˜We have been extremely pleased with the initial launch phase of this campaign and ongoing support.Ā  We have worked hard to re-position both stores over the past few months and with the help of the ChannelAdvisor Digital Team we have achieved our objectives and equally importantly weā€™ve forged a very close working relationship with our campaign manager who has gone the extra mile for us.Ā  We look forward to the next stage of developmentā€™