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The future of fashion is digital.

ChannelAdvisor braught together the industry’s most knowledgeable e-commerce experts for an exciting virtual event, FashionCommerce: Optimise your Digital Runway, a morning of insightful content exclusively for clothing, footwear and accessories brands and retailers.

Learn about the latest digital trends and best practices on everything from protecting your brand to creating your marketplaces strategy, optimising product data, full price vs off-price strategies and more to ensure your name is in the front row of online fashion.

In this free virtual event, you’ll hear from e-commerce experts at:


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ChannelAdvisor Keynote: The State of Online Fashion

Learn about the latest opportunities in online fashion, straight from ChannelAdvisor’s in-house fashion specialist. In this session, you’ll hear about new trends and developments — and learn strategies you can use to make the most of every e-commerce opportunity. Find out how expanding to new or niche marketplaces can help boost sales even in challenging times, and see how connection to the right channels can give you a big competitive advantage. We’ll look at the post-pandemic state of fashion and cover pricing strategies and data optimisation techniques for fashion brands and retailers.

Insights From a Fast-Growing Fashion Brand: Fireside Chat with Geox

It’s been a challenging 18 months for everyone. But at Geox, e-commerce specialists have uncovered some tremendous online opportunities. The footwear and clothing brand is seeing a surge in sales after listing products on La Redoute — and has plans to expand to dozens of other channels, too. In this fireside chat, E-commerce Manager Francesco Turconi discusses the insights and strategies his team is using to stay ahead of changing trends. Come hear what he has to say about the latest online consumer behaviours, the importance of marketplaces, and more.

Find new Customers with a winning Social Commerce Strategy on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram make it increasingly easy for people to shop right in the moment of discovery. But are you taking advantage of every opportunity on these platforms? In this session, you’ll hear how fashion brands have figured out the secrets to creating a truly seamless buyer’s journey. You’ll also gain insider knowledge based on the social commerce strategies used by some of the most successful fashion brands and retailers. Learn how to keep consumers on the path to purchase with shoppable media and get best practices for turning likes and follows into actual revenue.

5 Winning Moves for Success in the Digital Fashion Space

Zalando’s partnerships with more than 2,500 fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands – from global superstars to local heroes – give us unique insights into what it takes to be successful in the e-commerce space. Based on best practices and lessons learned, Suzanne Tompkins, Partner Program Sales Team Lead, shares what we know to be the five winning moves for you to prioritise to succeed in the digital fashion space.

Fashion Marketplaces: How to Leverage Digital Department Stores and Outlets to Connect with New Customers

How can you leverage fashion marketplaces to increase your competitive advantage? What can your brand do to stand out in the era of sustainable fashion? How do you combine full-price and off-price strategies to solve your inventory challenge? Get answers to these questions and others in this exclusive virtual session with La Redoute and Secret Sales. You’ll hear about the latest industry trends and developments, along with proven strategies for success on fashion marketplaces.

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