How Well Do You Understand Consumer Shopping Behaviour? Okay, so you think you know how consumers like to shop? There’s only one way to find out. Take our quiz to discover how you measure up!

How we search for products has changed significantly in the last few years. Which age group is most likely to say they favour browsing on Facebook?


The answer is 26-35.
47% of 26-35 year olds say they love to use this social network versus 19% on average across all other age groups

We all know Amazon is often the first port of call for product research. A whopping 93% of those surveyed from this age group told us it’s their top preference: which group is it?


The answer is 56-65 year olds!
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Instagram has become a powerful discovery platform. Who is more likely to say they’ve purchased products after seeing an ad on Instagram?


The answer is women!
31% of women say they have, compared to 23% of men. Did you guess correctly? Unsurprisingly, 18-25 year olds are the most likely to buy after seeing Instagram ads, 69% have done so in the past.

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When it comes to shipping, next day delivery is the new gold standard. What percentage of 18-25 year olds say they ALWAYS filter on Amazon Prime products for fast and free fulfilment?


The answer is 37%!

Over 100 million Prime members spend an average of $1,400 a year on the marketplace — more than double the $600 spent by non-members — making this program a goldmine for brands and retailers.

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You’ve spent hours browsing Instagram, Facebook and Amazon, you’re finally ready to make your purchase.
Can you guess what our shoppers said were most important in their decision to buy from one brand over another?


The answer is Detailed Description of Product Features.

Here are the full findings:

55% More detailed description of product features
51% More customer reviews
39% Coupons and Promotions
34% More pictures of the product
17% Product listing had a video

So many variations across geography and age group. Did you know 56% of UK shoppers have purchased from one retailer over another based on their reviews (it’s ranked #1) vs 47% of German shoppers. And men are more likely to value promotions and coupons than women. (42% men vs 35% women).

Personalisation has become an industry buzzword in recent years — for many brands and retailers, offering recommended products based on browsing or purchasing behaviour is a trusted way of increasing items per customer and securing the sale.
Which age group had the lowest rate of shoppers saying they NEVER click recommended products (clue it’s only 11%)?


The answer is 26-35 year olds.

What else did we find? Well, 69% of shoppers say they have clicked on recommended products when shopping on a product page. Women are more likely to click recommended products with 71% vs 67% of men and a massive 81% of 18 – 25 year olds say they are interested in recommended products.

Brand discovery is more important than ever. With so many channels for shoppers to choose from it can be difficult to differentiate.
Have a guess what percentage of 18-25 year olds said they OFTEN buy from brands they haven’t heard of before on Amazon?


The answer is 41%

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So how did you do? For all the insights from the survey, why not checkout our infographic: The New Path To Purchase.

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