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The global consumer electronics market is projected to grow from 689.45 billion USD in 2020 to 989.37 billion USD by 2027*. The growth is driven not only by the rapid rise in internet access in emerging markets but also the increased demand for new consumer technologies in developed markets, fuelled in part by people continuing to work from home in what is now the new normal..

However recent economic challenges across Europe have begun to impact consumer behaviour and prompted individuals to spend more cautiously. How can consumer electronics sellers balance these challenges and opportunities, shore up their digital transformation strategy and ecommerce operations; and use technology intelligently to support customer retention, growth and profitability during economic turbulence?

Register to view the on demand of Consumer Electronics Commerce, a half day virtual event that provided consumer electronics brands and retailers with:

  • Ecommerce insights and best practices from industry experts
  • Tips on multi-channel strategies and optimising your digital marketing
  • Insights from a ChannelAdvisor client, on how they were able to open up new revenue streams
  • Advice on making smarter, data driven decisions to maintain profitability in a challenging economy
Isabel Holdaway


Open & Welcome by ChannelAdvisor

Philip Hall


Keynote: Adapting to a changing environment

In this session, learn from industry specialists as they unpack the latest data surrounding consumer electronics, delve into the current economic climate and what this means for businesses and provide practical tips on building an effective marketplace strategy.

Torrin Balsollier


A Look at the Growing Demand for Refurbished Electronics

Bjoern Schaele Nieyat Nebay


Driving new business with Amazon Sponsored Ads

Hear from leading e-commerce giant Amazon as they provide guidance on how Sponsored Ads can help consumer electronic companies drive new business and maximise sales and provide useful tips on how to navigate 2023 amidst numerous challenges.

Antonio Buoso


A conversation with De'Longhi: Our e-commerce journey

Ross Billingsley Thomas Feuerstacke Céline Rusch


Panel: Maintaining growth during economic instability, with OnBuy, Galaxus and

In this panel discussion, hear from industry experts as they discuss the impact the 2023 recession will have on businesses and share insights on remaining profitable throughout the year.


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