ChannelAdvisor For Fashion Brands: A Perfect Fit

Seamlessly scale your fashion brand with ChannelAdvisor

Consumers now expect instant access to their favourite fast fashion and luxury brands, regardless of what channel they are shopping on. Endless choice, lucrative prices, fast delivery and free returns are now table stakes for retailers looking to stay on top. It’s never been a more competitive time for fashion and apparel brands.

For nearly two decades we’ve helped leading fashion brands just like you to seamlessly enhance their customer experience by being in all the places their customers expect, and in all the moments that matter.

How can we help?

Build Awareness:

Marketplaces are no longer just about buying products. They now act as discovery platforms for consumers. Whilst marketplace customers might begin their shopping search with a general term such as “Ladies Jeans Size 12,” they will undoubtedly be drawn to brands they recognise and trust. Standing out has never been more important.

Get exceptional returns on paid search campaigns and social media marketing, our experts can help you:

  • Quickly create Google and Bing Shopping campaigns that convert like crazy.
  • Get the most out of Amazon & eBay Advertising – create, monitor and manage all of your campaigns from within one central interface
  • Improve Paid Search – Optimise bids, discover new keywords, track conversions and much more.
  • Fuel your Facebook advertising and dominate social media sites where online shoppers are actively seeking purchase inspiration and ideas.

Sell More:

In many cases your products might already feature on the marketplace in the form of end of season stock or via re-sellers, the most effective way for you to take control of your customers’ brand experience is to be present on the marketplace yourself, own the experience and sell more.

  • Increase sales by tapping into more than 100 marketplaces around the world, we can advise you on the best global marketplaces aligned to your brand identity. (A great way to shift excess winter apparel that’ll be welcomed by New Zealand shoppers in June and July).
  • If your own site isn’t transactional, we can help you send potential buyers to approved retailer websites to purchase your products seamlessly every time.
  • Transform your product content into quality content to drive more sales across many channels.

Marketplace Expertise

For many U.K retailers, marketplaces mean Amazon and eBay, but could you be missing out on a wealth of fashion-focused options? Here are just some of the specialist fashion Marketplaces we support.

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What our customers say:

Clarks Expands Marketplaces Footprint With ChannelAdvisor

“It simply wouldn’t have been possible for us to build our own integration into any of these new marketplaces ourselves. ChannelAdvisor has opened the door for us to expand our business to new channels and has dramatically increased our visibility and sales on marketplaces. We see the team as a partner to our business and value the difference their work has brought to our e-commerce success. We look forward to what the future holds with ChannelAdvisor.”

Gayle Hetherington, Marketplace Manager at Clarks

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If you’re ready for help in tackling some of fashion’s most common channel conundrums – we’re ready.

For information on how ChannelAdvisor can help you optimise your listings, as well as help you expand your presence across multiple marketplaces at home and abroad please contact us.