[Partner Blog] How Wish has Refreshed its Approach in Europe

1 June, 2021

This blog post has been drafted by Wish for publication on the ChannelAdvisor blog. All opinions expressed, advice and sources are provided by Wish.

With more than 100 million monthly active users worldwide and 1.8 million items sold per day, Wish is one of the most downloaded shopping apps in the world. 

In this blog,  Alan Small, who leads Wish’s Account Management team in Europe talks about his work with Wish marketplace, and the positive changes the marketplace has been implementing recently.

How Wish Differentiates Itself Among E-Commerce Marketplaces

The Wish platform is designed to create a unique shopping experience. In a world where mobile e-commerce is becoming the preferred way to shop, we’re uniquely mobile-first, with 90% of user activity and purchases occurring on our mobile app. Wish is also different because our algorithm uses data to match customers with products they are most likely to purchase. Even when users don’t enter a specific search term, we’ll show a curated feed to catch their interest and encourage the purchase of multiple products at once.

For merchants, we provide instant access to over 100 million monthly active users across 100 global countries. Just create a single listing for every country or region where you’d like to sell, and Wish will help with automated language translations. Wish also offers a suite of merchant services, including: 

  • Marketing help such as in-app promotions, social media campaigns and digital advertising
  • A comprehensive data intelligence tool to help analyse and improve sales
  • Reliable, cross-border logistical solutions to suit every need

Recent Changes

If you tried Wish in the past but it didn’t work out, I’d like to reassure you that we’ve renewed our commitment to partnering with European merchants. Based on your feedback, we’ve removed blockers and created a more user-friendly interface. When you sign up for Wish through ChannelAdvisor, you’ll receive:

  • Commission of just 5% for your first 3 months selling on the platform
  • Free boosting and promotion of your products
  • A personal dedicated Account Manager
  • Exclusive early access to other promotional opportunities

As an example of how we can help merchants succeed, I’m pleased to share the Wish journey of Xbite, a UK-based seller of popular Home & Garden and Gaming products. In early 2021, Xbite joined the new Wish European Programme through ChannelAdvisor. They partnered with a dedicated Wish Account Manager, who has worked to help grow and optimise their store by: 

  • Helping create custom marketing campaigns
  • Enrolling the company in free Wish marketing initiatives 
  • Optimising store listings to help products rank for keywords 
  • Resolving operational issues

Xbite has taken full advantage of Wish’s global presence, and now sells their 3,000 products to more than 20 countries worldwide. Since going live in February 2021, weekly sales on Wish have increased by an average of 40%. Wish and Xbite have set ambitious goals for 2021, and will partner closely to ensure those targets are met throughout the year. Tim Lee, Xbite’s Digital Product Coordinator, says “The onboarding process with Wish was very smooth. They kept in close contact with us all the way through the setup process, and responded quickly to any queries. Since going live on the Wish platform, this relationship has continued to be very collaborative, allowing us to discuss and resolve any sticking points. This has been a refreshing and productive approach, resulting in us having a great start on their platform.”

We’d love to help your team discover new opportunities through Wish’s connection with ChannelAdvisor. Want to learn more about selling on Wish? Contact us now for more information.  

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