Selling in France? Google Shopping Actions Could Help You Reach New Audiences

28 August, 2019

Marketplaces By Laura Lane

Today, we’re going to talk about a new opportunity you can use to help increase visibility and reach millions of purchase-ready shoppers.

It won’t take a lot of time. 

It won’t require any big investments. 

And yet it has the potential to put your products front and centre among some highly profitable consumers.

So… which marketing and sales channel are we talking about? Google Shopping Actions. 

Google Shopping Actions in France, to be exact. 

If you haven’t had a chance to look into Google’s popular e-commerce program since it debuted in France earlier this year, now’s the time to consider adding it to your portfolio of channels. Here’s everything you need to know to get started. 

What’s so great about Google Shopping Actions?

First things first: Why are we encouraging you to leverage Google Shopping Actions? 

Ever since the program was first introduced in the US in 2018, we’ve been hearing some very compelling success stories. For example:

We also know from ChannelAdvisor’s relationship with Google that the typical seller experiences higher conversion rates, at lower costs, compared to relying on Google Shopping alone. 

Why focus on French consumers?

You may be wondering: Why has Google Shopping Actions expanded from the US to France? Well, there are some pretty compelling stats to help address this question, too.

France has been reported as number two in the world when it comes to international spending on luxury goods, and the average revenue per user is currently up to US$984.65.

The number of French consumers who purchase products online has been growing steadily in recent years, with revenue from e-commerce expected to reach $67.2 billion by 2023. 

The market will continue to expand, too.

There are currently 37.97 million e-commerce consumers in France, with another 4.28 million expected to be shopping online by 2022.

So when it comes to cross-border trade, France should feature prominently on your list. Which is another reason we love Google Shopping Actions. It’s easier than ever to reach the country’s consumers.

How does Google Shopping Actions work?

Google Shopping Actions allows consumers to browse and buy goods from multiple retailers, and then add items to one shopping list and universal cart.

The biggest benefit to sellers is the all-encompassing nature of the program. 

Google Shopping Actions is designed to surface your listings wherever people shop — whether they’re using Google Search, Google Express or the Google Assistant. And because Shopping Actions is a retailer-first platform, it’s always clear to consumers that they’re actually buying from you. You’ll have your own storefront, and your company name will be prominently placed on each listing.

Perhaps most importantly, there’s no need to upload your entire inventory. You can pick and choose which products to sell on Google Shopping Actions, according to market demands and product performance. This is especially great news if you sell fashion, clothing and cultural goods, as these are currently the highest-performing e-commerce categories in France.

Ready to get started with Google Shopping Actions? 

ChannelAdvisor is here to help. We have several tools built to remove the mystery from syncing your listings with Google Shopping Actions, and can help you launch after receiving approval from Google. Want to learn more? Get in touch and one of our e-commerce experts would be happy to guide you through Google Shopping Actions and how this might work for your business. 

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