Build Brand Awareness and Boost Customer Engagement with an Amazon Store

25 January, 2021

Marketplaces Laura Lane By Izabela Catiru

Achieving visibility on Amazon — a place with more than 2.5 million sellers competing for the eyes and purchase power of hundreds of millions of shoppers (150 million Prime subscribers alone), is no small feat. But, even within the world’s largest and most competitive selling channel, there is a way to stand out: your own Amazon Store. 

The Basics

An Amazon Store offers the chance for shoppers to explore your products and learn more about how they can use them. With your own unique URL within the Amazon domain, you can create a space that is comfortable, welcoming — and, best of all, focused on your products and your messaging. Amazon’s template-based interface makes it easy to get started, and customised features allow you to design a store that represents who you are as a brand. 

This simple and free feature can help you engage customers, build awareness and cultivate loyal buyers. 

The Benefits

Building and maintaining an Amazon Store has many benefits, but the greatest one is the increased control you gain in the buyer’s experience. Let’s take a look at the difference in customer encounters and brand control when you sell on Amazon with and without an Amazon Store.

Selling Without an Amazon Store Selling With an Amazon Store
  • Clicks on your brand name via Amazon lists all of the products sold by your brand or resellers — with advertisements that could include competitive sellers
  • Fragmented journey for consumers interested in your products
  • Lower organic search rankings 
  • Stronger customer engagement with less noise from the competition
  • Curated product selection and presentation
  • Accessible via a product listing and Sponsored Brand campaigns
  • Better returns on ad spend for Sponsored Brand campaigns
  • Increased average basket size


Top Tips for Success

Your Amazon Store should set you apart from the competition. To optimise your efforts and use your time most efficiently, start with these suggestions from our in-house experts: 

  • Continually work on product content. Building your Amazon Store is not a one-time effort. The store’s structure and content should continue to evolve based on market feedback and performance. 
  • Use time-saving tools. Drive conversions with the ‘best seller’ and ‘featured deals’ tiles, which are automatically populated. Opt in to automatically hide out-of-stock products.
  • Go beyond product descriptions. Include lifestyle content centered around your products and creative imagery. Suggest product pairings to encourage product discovery. Use videos wherever possible and most relevant. Prioritise options that will help consumers make the decision to purchase from you rather than the competition.
  • Drive paid traffic to relevant pages. For example, be sure buyers searching for a specific product do not simply land on your homepage, but are directed to view those products in your store.
  • Think outside the box marketplace. Employ email marketing or social media advertising to drive traffic to your Amazon Store. Use ‘tags’ to understand how campaigns outside Amazon are performing.
  • Set goals and monitor your progress. Take advantage of the metrics and free insights available to help you track the performance of your store. 

Want to find out more? We’ve guided many sellers through creating and improving their Amazon Stores and our team has compiled a wealth of tips and insights drawn from extensive experience. Check out our latest eBook to learn more about creating and cultivating your own Amazon Store — and winning more buyers and sales. 

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