Year in Review: ChannelAdvisor’s Top 5 Blog Posts from 2019

22 December, 2019

Digital Marketing By Amelia Erskine

Over the past 12 months, online sellers found new and exciting ways to survive and thrive in the midst of significant industry changes.
They streamlined inventory management, fine-tuned data feeds and expanded to new channels.

They also relied on the ChannelAdvisor blog to stay ahead of the latest trends, tips, news and best practices.

Now that we’re nearing the end of one year and preparing for the next, it’s time for a quick refresher on the most-read topics.

And so, without further ado, here are the top five posts from 2019.

#5: Quick-Start Guide to Creating Amazon A+ Content

Once a paid option, adding Amazon A+ Content to listings is now free and unlimited for all vendors. With more than half of product searches starting on Amazon, A+ Content can be a highly effective way to increase traffic and boost sales. Use this quick-start guide to understand how the program works and see what you should do to leverage it in 2020.

#4: European E-Commerce Marketplaces to Consider for Greater Growth

Amazon may be a popular online shopping destination for many consumers, but the marketplace giant is far from the only place people purchase products. Across Europe, shoppers are frequently turning to a fast-growing array of e-commerce marketplaces. Discover a snapshot of some of those marketplaces you should be considering for 2020.

#3: How To Fix General Marketplace Errors with ChannelAdvisor

Are you wasting valuable hours manually fixing marketplace errors? Now’s the time to start automating. In this post, the experts walk through an eight-step process for finding and resolving errors quickly. It’s one of the fastest ways to ensure your listings perform well, and to help keep your company profitable.

#2: What You Need to Know About Zalando Fulfilment Solutions

A lot has changed since we first started encouraging brands to sell on Zalando. Germany’s largest fashion-focused platform now sees 300 million monthly visits from more than 27 million active shoppers. Annual sales have skyrocketed to €5.4 billion annually. To be successful on Zalando, you have to be REALLY good at delivering on consumer expectations for shipping and returns.

#1: The 3 Top Marketplace Trends We Will See In 2020

Last year, $1.66 trillion was spent globally on the top 100 online marketplaces. But it’s not just sales volume that’s exciting about online marketplaces. They are a hotbed of innovation and leading e-commerce best practice across all markets.Here are three trends we’ve identified as key areas to watch in 2020

Looking for more insights to prepare for the year ahead? Our top five blog posts are a great refresher, but there’s a lot more yet to come. The e-commerce industry is in a constant state of evolution, which means it’s more important than ever to stay future-focused.

Stay tuned in the New Year to discover the biggest forces of e-commerce that will continue to reshape the industry in our new white paper: 20/20 E-Commerce Vision for the Year 2020.

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