Search, Discover, Buy: 10 retailers re-defining the path to purchase

30 March, 2020

Brands By Amelia Erskine

It’s a challenging time for the retail industry, in many cases more and more consumers are heading online to meet their shopping needs. And with so many brands and retailers competing for consumer attention, standing out has never been more important.

The path to purchase has become ever more complex as consumers browse across multiple devices and utilise a number of channels to both discover and buy. Once upon a time we were inspired by adverts, searched for products on Google, compared prices on marketplaces, purchased them on retailer’s sites and showed them off on social media.

But now, the lines between marketing and commerce have become blurred. Traditional marketing channels like Facebook and Instagram are becoming increasingly transactional as they encourage consumers to purchase in app. Once the most influential advertising platform in the world, Google is increasing its selling capability through Google Shopping; whilst Amazon, the largest retail site in the world is investing more and more in their advertising services. The Big Four are reshaping the retail landscape and brands and retailers must optimise their selling and marketing strategy if they hope to succeed.

In collaboration with Retail Week, we wanted to understand how 180 of the largest retailers and brands in the UK are using these platforms to reach consumers.

We analysed:

  • How many of the leading retailers are selling on Amazon? And what is their strategy?
  • Which businesses are taking advantage of Google Shopping and what is the business impact?
  • What role do Instagram and Facebook play in the new buying journey and which brands are pushing the boundaries?
  • How are best-in-class brands and retailers curating the shopping experience for their customer segments?
  • What new skills do businesses need to be recruiting for and how should they be measuring multichannel success?
  • What’s the future of marketing and commerce?

Download the report now to discover how brands like Missguided, Burberry, Zara, Superdry, IKEA, Paperchase and Apple are marketing and selling across multiple channels to reach their customers at every touchpoint.

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