[Partner Blog] E-Commerce Holiday Preparation: Automating your Delivery Process

24 November, 2020

Online shopping has surged due to coronavirus, meaning customer experience has never been more important to businesses. However, that doesn’t mean it is easy. Either the shipping is included in the price or there is a fee for delivery, either way everyone expects their items to arrive on time. A seamless buying experience is what’s important for any consumer and what matters to all retailers is building strong customer loyalty. Make sure to ask the right questions and be ready to overcome the inherent challenges of the busiest months of the year. How can you prepare for this peak consumer holiday? How will you delight customers? How will you offer a seamless delivery experience?

To discover more about how to be ready and the assets you need for a successful delivery process, check out our recent webinar: E-Commerce Holiday Preparation: Automating your Delivery process with ShipStation.

In this webinar, Max Imfeld, UK Account Manager at ShipStation explained how leveraging technology can drive brand loyalty through seamless customer experience and gave the keys for perfect preparation this year.

Retailers have already started to prepare for the holiday season and demand volume is increasing as well as the usual challenges due to this busy time. Whether it’s been a tough or great year for retailers, it’s hard to keep the shop open. E-Commerce can be a great solution. A lot of questions are legitimitate for this peak season, and this year especially with a lot of changes of online clients behaviours and expectations, managing customer’s expectations can be tricky. To avoid any disappointment, things like offering concise options, easy experience, right tracking, good communication and efficiency are critical for a seamless delivery experience.

With UK consumers shopping online more frequently than before Covid-19, and with retail shops now closed again, this is a huge opportunity for online retailers to learn from the last lockdown.

Watch our on-demand webinar now to ensure your business is prepared for peak season.

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