[Infographic] Why Attend Catalyst Europe 2018

26 March, 2018

Catalyst Europe 2018 is returning to London! Could it be the 14 football teams, 241 theatres, 8,000 double decker buses or the 3,615 pubs that brought us back to the capital for this year’s event? We’d hate to say!

ChannelAdvisor’s Catalyst Europe 2018 is right around the corner, and if you haven’t registered yet, now is the time! Spaces are running out at this must-attend e-commerce event.

Join your fellow e-commerce experts in London on 9 May 2018, where you can mingle with over 600 attendees, attend 7 keynote sessions, take part in 10 workshops, and meet with some of the industry’s leading experts. We make sure all our topics have a global appeal as Catalyst Europe is a truly international event – attendees travelled to the event from 13 international countries last year.

So join us for this year’s event by registering today. Who knows, we might even try to break our record of the 5,000 cups of coffee that we enjoyed at last year’s event!

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