Q&A with the Category Experts: Holiday Tips for Health and Beauty Sellers

12 November, 2019

Brands By Amelia Erskine

The account management team at ChannelAdvisor works with brands and retailers every day to optimise their e-commerce operations and grow sales across hundreds of online channels. With the peak season fast approaching, we decided to sit down with experts from several top categories to get their last-minute advice for the upcoming season.

Up next: health and beauty. The health and beauty segment is one of the fastest growing categories in the UK with 39% of Christmas shoppers purchasing beauty products last year. We asked Leah Maddox, one of our account managers, which strategies and tips should be top of mind for health and beauty sellers over the next couple of months.

Q: It’s early November, what are the most important things health and beauty brands and retailers should be doing RIGHT NOW to prepare for the peak season?

Your promotion calendar should be in order now! More and more, shoppers are starting early. We expect heavy promotions to begin by this week, and many Cyber Weekend deals are now beginning on the week before Black Friday, if not earlier.

With Christmas falling on a Wednesday this year, expect consumers to be purchasing over the weekend before and right up until Monday 23rd expecting a next day delivery service. Brands and retailers who can guarantee free, next day delivery will benefit from those late shoppers and panic purchases!

It’s also important to note: this holiday season is six days shorter than last year. So be sure to plan budgets and promotions accordingly, and be ready to handle larger volume of orders late in the season as shoppers scramble for Christmas gifts.

Q: Which marketplaces should these sellers be focusing on?

There are many heavy hitters in the health and beauty categories, any brand or retailer should definitely consider Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Google Shopping Actions. These are all must-haves for our sellers today. There are also a number of emerging marketplaces putting renewed marketing efforts behind their health and beauty categories. Rakuten and MassGenie are two particularly interesting marketplaces. And of course long established destinations like Zalando are increasing their market share.

Rakuten’s recent consolidation of former subsidiary Ebates has brought a lot of new women shoppers to the site, and MassGenie’s presence on social media is a natural fit for this category.

Each of these marketplaces will have their own promotion calendar lined up for the holiday season, so figure out what they intend to market and how you can most effectively plug your products in.

Q: What specific digital marketing strategies should they keep in mind over the next couple months?

Make sure you’re investing in the right areas! An overwhelming majority of beauty searches happen on mobile today. Think about how you’re structuring your campaigns and applying modifiers to maximise mobile visibility and return.

Also, it’s good to know that Google is seeing 11% more beauty searches than this same time last year. This means there are more potential searches and interest in your product. At the same time, Google is reporting 50% more ads for those same searches. What that tells us is interest is growing, but competition is growing faster.

The brands and retailers who will get ahead this holiday season are the ones who have a strategy for how to tackle the competition and maintain high visibility.

Q: What role will social media play in the holiday season for health and beauty sellers? How can brands and retailers specifically leverage these channels?

Absolutely the first question should always be: Am I in the right mix? It’s important for sellers to know who their customers are and where they are.
A recent study between Google and Kantar showed the tremendous importance of YouTube for this category throughout each step in the shopper’s journey. And it makes sense. With the rise of social media and YouTube influencers and the ease at which shoppers can see how new trends or products can be applied, YouTube is a natural discovery vehicle for many of our clients.

With the rise of YouTube for Action, brands and retailers can ensure their content has clear calls to action and apply intent-based audiences to reach the right people.

Q: Do you have any final thoughts or takeaways for health and beauty sellers?

  • Promote and promote early! With the shorter holiday season, consumers have already started looking for great deals.
  • Increase and budget your ad spend. Being visible across increasingly competitive channels is key.
  • Free delivery is a MUST!
  • Be where your shoppers are and optimise your content for all channels! Whether it’s marketplaces, Google, Instagram or YouTube, make sure you understand the landscape and are optimising content for each goal.

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