Forrester: How to Do B2B E-Commerce Right [Updated for 2020]

11 February, 2020

Brands By Amelia Erskine

The B2B e-commerce landscape sure has changed — and not just a little. As recently as a decade ago, business-to-business buyers were still happy to research and purchase products using paper catalogs, standard deliveries and even landline phones. 

Not so today. Now that search, smartphones and same-day shipping are the norm, offering such antiquated methods would be laughable to many.

Whether it’s accessing information via mobile apps or comparing prices on marketplaces, business buyers expect the same ease and convenience at work that they experience in their personal lives. 

When it comes to shopping, that means B2B consumers increasingly prefer self-service options. They research and compare online before buying, and are exploring new digital options like Amazon Business and other marketplace channels. 

If someone has a B2B website open in one browser tab, there’s a very good chance their favorite consumer website will be active in another.

To compete in this environment, it’s imperative for companies to get comfortable borrowing best practices from the world of business-to-consumer online selling. For example, when purchasing products for corporate accounts, B2B consumers expect:


  • Amazon-like consumer experiences. Rapid page loads, customised offers, interactive product catalogs, rich product content and even ratings and reviews are now the norm.



  • Omnichannel options. Modern B2B buyers are embracing marketplaces and other online sales channels as alternatives to traditional distributors and resellers.



  • Highly personalised experiences. As more buyers rely on smartphones, tablets and smart kiosks, many brands and retailers need to up their digital game. 


Forrester addresses these trends and others like them in its newly updated report, Make Your B2B Business a Digital Business. Download your free copy of the executive overview now for strategies your company can use to meet the demands of modern business consumers. Download the report here.

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