Forrester Gives Brands a Blueprint for Digital Commerce Success

20 February, 2019

If there’s one thing all manufacturers have experienced over the past decade, it’s change. Digital commerce has certainly transformed how and when people buy from brands.

That means many manufacturers are rethinking how their products are sold. There’s never been a better time to expand beyond traditional wholesale relationships, or to explore the vast array of e-commerce options.

But while many branded manufacturers are positioned to reap tremendous benefits from direct-to-consumer sales, there’s a lot to consider before diving into this brave new world of online marketing, selling and fulfilling.

The most important factor to evaluate, according to Forrester, is the size of the prize: What can your brand gain from a more robust digital commerce strategy, and how?

Is this the right time to dive into digital commerce? Which channels should you pursue? What should you expect in terms of sales, profitability and customer relationships?

Researchers have answered these questions and many others like them in the report: Brands, Here’s the Size of Your Digital Commerce Prize. Download your complimentary copy for insights you can use to:

  • Evaluate the e-commerce landscape across key regions and markets
  • Identify unique opportunities based on your product categories, relationships with retailers and more
  • Look beyond sales to mission-critical factors such as consumer engagement, product testing and innovation

Get the latest data, trends and best practices to determine the best move for your company — all in this report:


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