Evolving Consumer Expectations And How To Meet Them

14 August, 2020

For any consumer, a seamless buying experience is always a top priority. However to achieve this, brands and retailers have to navigate a noisy, disruptive, and fragmented e-commerce landscape — with a multitude of touchpoints, emerging global markets and evolving consumer expectations.

Delivering what consumers want and when they want it is not always straightforward. And the consequences of failing to deliver can be costly:

  • 96% of consumers want free delivery
  • 63% consumers consider ease of returns when purchasing online
  • 70% of consumers choose their shipping preference before checkout
  • 53% of consumers abandon their carts due to unexpected extra costs
  • 2.72% of online store visits will convert into purchases.

Businesses need to be proactive and enhance every step of the buyer’s journey — fulfilment included. And with more and more consumers shopping online, the pressure to provide an enjoyable buying experience with shipping options to suit everyone has never been greater.

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