Retargeting in the Age of Multiscreening

29 May, 2018

Digital Marketing By Laura Lane

It’s official: We’ve definitively entered the multiscreen era of online shopping. To understand what we mean, consider the following:

  • By 2021, the average consumer will have 13 connected devices
  • Already, 70% regularly use their mobile devices to text, browse and shop while watching TV
  • Many go on to complete transactions on non-mobile devices: 41% of desktop purchases happen after consumers have interacted with the products elsewhere

In other words… e-commerce has truly become a cross-device experience. Today’s shoppers frequently take part in megastreaming, multiscreening and many-sided paths to purchase. And when their experiences are matched from one device to another, they tend to spend an impressive 17% more per order.

If you’re not retargeting, now’s the time to start. This one method of digital marketing can go a long way in ensuring you’ll connect to consumers throughout their multiscreening journeys.

Retargeting Is No Longer Optional

As consumers balance their time between smartphones, tablets, PCs, televisions, smart speakers, wearables and other connected devices, they’re quickly learning to use these devices together to achieve their goals. They see a video ad, then visit the mobile site. They comparison shop for the best prices and return policies, then use a retailer’s app to make a purchase.

The process could span days, or it might take a few minutes. But rarely does it occur all at once or within a single channel. Your buyer’s attention is constantly shifting from laptop Facebook feeds to mobile apps to voice search — all within seconds.

If you’re not leveraging the power of retargeting ads, you may be missing out on some of your biggest opportunities to connect to consumers.

Simply put, retargeting helps you convert casual browsers into active buyers. You can use cookie-based technology to keep track of people who visit your product pages, and then serve up highly targeted digital ads as they move from one device, browser or app to another.

Getting Started with Retargeting Ads

Successful retargeting ads can take many forms depending on your goals. For example, let’s say a first-time visitor has added an item to your mobile shopping app but decided to leave before completing the transaction. With retargeting, you could:

  • Show them the item again on Instagram, along with a limited-time discount offer
  • Present the product yet again on Facebook — this time bundled with several related items for special package pricing

Regardless of which methods you choose, the goal of retargeting ads is to incentivize multiscreening consumers to come back to your webstore, marketplace listing or mobile app.

The question is… does it work? Absolutely. In fact, one of our online sellers was able to increase the company’s average order value by 36% — simply by leveraging display and retargeting ads on Facebook. And if your retarget leads visitors to a mobile shopping app, you’ll be three times more likely to see conversions.

Remember: Your consumers now have a comprehensive roadmap of social suggestions, product reviews, price comparisons and more — all to be accessed anywhere, any time inspiration strikes. And on any number of different devices. Making retargeting an essential part of your digital marketing strategy will ensure you’re moving right alongside them.

Not sure where to start? Many of our customers have had great success by beginning with Facebook dynamic ads. They’re highly customisable and relatively easy to set up. Learn more in our free eBook, Expand Your Reach with Facebook Dynamic & Carousel Ads.

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