[Partner Blog] Reach a global audience with International SEO

5 January, 2021

Digital transformation has been hot on the agenda of businesses across the globe for many years. However, COVID-19 and the resulting lockdowns have fast-tracked the digital transformation path for businesses across many industries and markets.

For many retailers, the glory days of the high street are over, and digital channels are the new playing field for leading brands. Having a robust digital strategy and a global mindset will support your businesses to come out stronger in 2021.

Do you operate in multiple markets? Then optimising your website to rank higher should be a top priority.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) consists of various techniques to get websites ranked higher in search engines, including for Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. However, every search engine is different, with unique ranking criteria and best practices.

For example, even though Google is still the most widely used search engine globally, Baidu is the most widely used search engine in China. If you are targeting an East Asian market, then optimising your site for Baidu is important.

Localising your website with an international SEO (ISEO) mindset dramatically improves search rankings and increases traffic. To achieve best ISEO results, a process called SEO translation is applied to website content. People across different regions use different languages and different keywords to search online. SEO Translation involves keyword research, high-quality translation, and validation, which are key for improving your multilingual content and increasing website traffic.

Check out this complete guide to international SEO for tips on how to create an SEO-optimised website and insight into how SEO translation comes into play.

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