Disruptive Digital Trends All Retailers Should Know

22 June, 2018

Digital Marketing By Laura Lane

The digital marketing industry is going through profound changes. We hear and see this everyday. Mobile and voice technology have become integral to people’s everyday lives, transforming the way we want to consume information and purchase products. With Amazon now the first port of call for product searches, their role as an advertising platform is playing an increasingly influential role. Consumers not only expect easy shopping and purchase of items, they want a unique and personalised experience, does this retailer really understand my needs?

With mobile, voice, marketplace, social, personalisation, AI and more all vying for attention, it’s little wonder retailers are left feeling they have an enormous mountain to climb to delight their customers. On Wednesday 11th July at 3pm we will be hosting a webinar with Marketing Finder to address just this topic, and help retailers like you, cut through the noise. Read on for a snapshot of what to expect!

A New Mindset

In 2008 Mary Meaker made the bold prediction that by 2014, mobile would overtake fixed internet, she knew the industry would hit a tipping point. And she was right. Across the Black Friday weekend 2017, mobile browsing drove the majority of orders. It’s clearly time to take a mobile-first approach, not just in terms of e-commerce transactions, but advertising too.

By 2020 30% of searches will take place without a screen. Voice-activated devices have really taken off in the past few years, Amazon Alexa and Google Home are now household names and indeed found in many homes. Recent studies suggest that 2% of all UK consumers are using voice controlled devices for online shopping and a tenth of households have access to voice technology devices.

Join us on 11th July as we unpick how to adopt a mobile-first approach and how retailers should be employing voice technology to supplement their growth strategy.

An Individual Approach

Personalisation. This term de jour is now a firm favourite in the lexicon of marketing and e-commerce professionals. But what does it really mean in practice, and how should retailers be weaving it into their customer strategy?

Essentially the notion that we are advertising to individuals rather than broad faceless, nameless “users”.  This means we are advertising to real people – using a single device at a certain time of day and from a certain location in the world. In the webinar we will be giving real examples of how to tackle your personalisation strategy including segmenting your visitors and delivering unique experiences.

The Age of Amazon

No gaze into the future would be complete without exploring how Amazon are once again re-defining the retail landscape. We will be discussing how Amazon advertising is impacting retailers’ digital marketing strategies and how to get the most out of the Amazon platform. Getting visibility is all about advertising. This is an absolute “must do” for brands and sellers on Amazon. Without advertising you’re expecting your customers to find a needle in a haystack.

In a world where half of consumers start their search on Amazon it stands to reason that they find a way to monetise that traffic. Time and time again we see Amazon start with solving a problem and then build it into a business that others can leverage. FBA was an example, AWS was an example.  Shipping with Amazon is the latest. We will deep-dive into how you can make the most of this and be ready for the Amazon of the future.

…And that’s all we’re going to say. This is a teaser after all. We’re really looking forward to sharing our insights on these key digital marketing and e-commerce trends with you and providing you with real examples and tips so you feel equipped to ride the disruptive wave with confidence! Register now to attend

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