Brandsplace: Veepee’s marketplace!

Veepee is the European leader in online flash sales. With 72 million members and approximately 4.5 million unique visitors per day, the site is the second most visited e-commerce website on a daily basis in France.

Veepee’s marketplace, Brandsplace, was launched in Europe with several categories available, including Fashion, Home, Sport, Beverages and Beauty — with many more to come!

Their priorities place brands at the very heart of their platform:

  • The brands displayed online are the only seller of their own products. They have full control of their image, distribution and prices.
  • Veepee offer high quality personalised brand support and technical assistance with human interaction, from the business proposition and onboarding of the brand to support during sales.
  • The marketplace aims to offer a quality user experience, with dedicated spaces for brands to express their identity and individuality with their own content.
  • Brands push all their discounted offers. Visibility on the website will be related to the level of the products’ discount.

Three options are available for brands to display catalogues:

  • Monobrand events: Strong business accelerator with a dedicated banner on the homepage
  • Concept campaigns: Multibrands banner around B2C-oriented themes
  • Longtail: Permanent corner shops with dynamic offer

Veepee: Entertaining shopping for brand lovers