JDT Technologies is a custom e-commerce software development company, specialising in the complex needs of multi-channel merchants.

We were one of the earliest adopters of the ChannelAdvisor API and have successfully extended the ChannelAdvisor platform for more than seven years, solving a variety of problems, large and small.

Consider the ways in which you can generate a greater return on your ChannelAdvisor investment, while increasing staff efficiency and reducing staff errors.

  • Automated seamless data integration with your ERP, inventory, POS, or order management system.
  • Automated seamless data integration with your e-commerce (website) platform.
  • Automated seamless data integration with drop ship or just-in-time suppliers (aggregating ‘same-product’ inventory across suppliers), including EDI and API integration.
  • Automated allocation of orders to the most appropriate supplier or warehouse (including split orders), based on your supplier costs, customer location, and other business rules.
  • Automatic combining of multiple orders to the same customer shipping address in order to reduce shipping costs. This is particularly helpful for eBay orders where customers often generate multiple checkouts.
  • Customised product/SKU data entry screens, with validations, defaults, and data mapping specific to your business.
  • Cleanup of supplier-provided product data. Generation of missing parent records in support of parent/child variation data. Convert XML-based data to data files that you can upload to ChannelAdvisor.
  • Automated rules for eBay Markdown Manager to put your products on and off sale and create perceived urgency to buy.
  • Demand Planning/Intelligent Purchasing Workbench: Automatic gathering of sales velocity data, available quantity information, open purchase order quantities, etc. all in one place. Have better control and make better purchase and stocking decisions. Monitor inventory value. Adhere to supplier minimums. Take advantage of supplier discounts. Automatically adapt to vendor case/pack quantity requirements. Automatically adjust purchased kit quantities. Fully integrated with EDI/purchase order automation.
  • High-speed picking/shipping solutions (including barcode scanning); ensure picking accuracy, automated refunds for out-of-stock situations, etc.
  • Support for kits/bundles, providing opportunities for increased selling and greater distinction from your competitors. Automatically re-price kits based on the price changes of kit components.

Some of the largest merchants running on the ChannelAdvisor platform use our robust and reliable ChannelAdvisor solutions to handle their high-volume integration needs.

But we have equally helped many smaller businesses to more effectively leverage the ChannelAdvisor platform to scale their businesses to new heights!

What problems are YOU trying to solve? Contact us anytime! We’re always happy to brainstorm!