Increase Sales and Reach Global Customers with American Outlets

Start selling in one click. ChannelAdvisor makes it easy to sell with American Outlets. Simply use your existing ChannelAdvisor account to reach over 4 million American Outlets customers in Israel. American Outlets takes care of all listing, marketing, international shipping, customer support and returns.

Why sell on American Outlets?

  • 95% of Israeli households shop online
  • $350B GDP makes Israel a very strong consumer market
  • $4B is spent annually on foreign products by Israeli customers

What is American Outlets?

American Outlets is Global E-Commerce Made Easy. We make cross-border selling easy with merchant integration. Once your products are advertised, promoted and sold, American Outlets sends your orders to our US facility using individual or bulk fulfilment. We handle shipping to the customer, taxes, customs and export regulations. Selling to international customers is that easy for merchants in the US.

Start selling more today

American Outlets has 4+ million customers with a $10+ million marketing budget to advertise and promote your products using multiple marketing channels (TV, radio, digital and print ads, influencer marketing, billboards and more). Start selling in just three simple steps:

  1. One-click setup for merchants — In just one click, merchant integration is completed via ChannelAdvisor. It’s as seamless as mapping any other template.
  2. Choose your US fulfilment option — Merchant order delivery simplified. Merchants choose individual or bulk fulfilment to send orders to the American Outlets US facility, consolidating orders regardless of where orders are placed globally. You simply fulfill to the US, and American Outlets takes care of the rest.
  3. American Outlets fulfills orders globally.

Merchants ship to American Outlets in 2-3 days and we fulfill the orders and handle all international fulfilment, taxes, customs, export regulations, returns and customer support.

Questions? Ask Us

We’re here to help you start selling on American Outlets. Contact us and sign up today.