ChannelAdvisor will provide Services directed toward managing the Where To Buy and/or Product Intelligence Module(s) on Customers’ behalf, as detailed herein and in the applicable SOW. The following Services will be provided for the particular Module(s) and Component(s) identified in the SOW, which, alone or in combination, shall be referred to herein as “the Module.”

1.     Services; Support.  ChannelAdvisor will work with Customer to configure the Module on Customer’s Digital Properties as detailed in the SOW. ChannelAdvisor will provide up to eight (8) hours of implementation support per Brand or Domain/URL. ChannelAdvisor shall provide Customer with ongoing support and maintenance of the applicable Component(s) of the Module. Such support and maintenance will be limited to a maximum of up to 16 hours cumulative basic telephone support per month.

The Module allows authorized Customer employees (“Users”) to access online reporting dashboard functionality (“Report Dashboard”) at no cost within the Module. Within the Report Dashboard, Users will have access to analytics/performance data generated through use of the Module. The Report Dashboard allows reports to be automated and self-selected in frequency and content, insofar as the content is available through the data capture on the Report Dashboard. Where the appropriate tracking is in place for Where to Buy, report data may include details of the number of units of each product sold by each Reseller, number of sales leads received by each Reseller per week, number of sales leads by MPN received by each Reseller per week, and impressions. The foregoing sentence does not apply to the Product Intelligence Module. Users will also have access to an online support ticketing system, with an email address to ChannelAdvisor Customer Support. Through this system, Users may request the following:

  • New or modified access credentials;
  • Addition or removal of a named Reseller;
  • Change of the sort order of how the Resellers appear to consumers within the Module;
  • Reports on analytics/performance data; and
  • Reports on Customer-lodged support tickets.

2.     Services Requirements. ChannelAdvisor’s performance of the Services is subject to Customer’s ongoing fulfillment of the following requirements to ChannelAdvisor’s reasonable satisfaction.

  1. Customer must provide ChannelAdvisor with all Product Information (or direct and authorize ChannelAdvisor to collect such data on Customer’s behalf) related to the MPNs to be included with the Module in accordance with ChannelAdvisor’s specifications. Services will begin upon ChannelAdvisor’s receipt of complete and accurate product catalog data, and ChannelAdvisor may suspend Services for Customer’s delay or failure to provide such data.
  2. Customer must provide ChannelAdvisor with a list of Resellers to include for each Digital Property.
  3. Customer must provide ChannelAdvisor with all necessary information required for ChannelAdvisor to integrate Customer’s Digital Properties with the Module and the included Services.
  4. If the Digital Properties are owned and/or controlled by a third party and not by Customer, then Customer must open and maintain in good standing all accounts on such third party Digital Properties (“TPDP”), and comply with all applicable requirements of the TPDP. Customer is responsible for its use of the Services in conjunction with the TPDP (including implementing the Services in conjunction with Customer’s TPDP account) and all fees imposed by a TPDP. Customer will pay these fees directly to the TPDP in accordance with the applicable payment terms.
  5. ChannelAdvisor does not control, and is not liable for: (a) truth or accuracy of the content obtained from Resellers or TPDPs; (b) availability or technical capabilities of Reseller sites or TPDP data; or (c) content supplied by third parties or actions Customer takes in reliance on that content. If applicable, Customer authorizes ChannelAdvisor, on Customer’s behalf, to access Customer’s TPDP accounts in order to retrieve and post information in furtherance of the Services detailed herein.

3.     Service Limitations. In certain situations, inclusion of a Reseller in the Module and/or collection of information from a Reseller is outside of ChannelAdvisor’s control, and ChannelAdvisor shall not be responsible for missing or incomplete data in such situations, including but not limited to situations where:

  1. Reseller website requires a unique username and password before obtaining listing details.
  2. Reseller uses one or more of the following: nested frames, cookies, session IDs, or a view state that prevents deep links to its products from being transmitted to a third party.
  3. Reseller website data is unavailable or the website has either nonfunctional search technology or no search technology.
  4. Reseller prohibits automated data extraction from its website(s).
  5. Reseller does not regularly re-index its search for new products.
  6. Reseller either accidentally or purposefully misnames model numbers, such as when Reseller alters the model number within the product listing to prevent it from being matched to the manufacturer’s database.
  7. Reseller has conflicting information on the same page. This situation occurs when the text and model number indicate one model, for example, while the image and other data on the page indicate a different model.
  8. Reseller has no model number at all in the product detail page.
  9. Reseller has a product listing page but does not include a model number in the title or in the body of the page.
  10. The information requested by Customer is deliberately hidden by Reseller, or is not available from the Reseller site.