Woodbury OutfittersIncreasing sales by approximately 300% with ChannelAdvisor and HubLogix

Company Overview

Woodbury Outfitters’ owner and his wife went shopping for hunting boots online years ago and noticed huge price markups as compared to a local hunting store. They bought a couple extra boots and sold them on internet auction sites for much less than their competitors. When the boots sold very quickly, they just kept feeding the fire. They eventually opened a small retail location near the enormous Woodbury Wildlife game reserve in Coshocton County, Ohio. The retail location was necessary to get direct-from-manufacturer prices. Today, Woodbury Outfitters is a top online sporting goods retailer that carries thousands of items from several different brands.

The Situation

  • Expended many resources to manage its business on marketplaces
  • Oversold inventory at times

Managing product listings, keeping a close eye on inventory and processing orders are heavy burdens when you’re a large sporting and outdoor equipment retailer. When Woodbury Outfitters started selling online, the company had multiple employees managing each of these functions.

An avid eBay seller, Woodbury Outfitters was managing its e-commerce business manually. This proved inefficient — on the front end and the back end. It made room for human error, like overselling items because of inaccurate inventory.

“We experienced problems like misplaced orders and selling items that were out of stock,” said Colin Wilson, IT manager at Woodbury Outfitters. “At times, we oversold our most popular items, which created an unpleasant customer experience. We needed an e-commerce system to automate the process of uploading product listings to marketplaces, managing inventory, processing orders and making shipments.”

The Solution

  • ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces to automate its eBay business and expand to more online channels
  • ChannelAdvisor Supply to Sell to partner with HubLogix and streamline its fulfillment automation with distribution partners

When Woodbury Outfitters began looking for an e-commerce solution provider, the company’s eBay account representative suggested ChannelAdvisor. The company reached out to ChannelAdvisor and began using ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces.

“Launching on ChannelAdvisor immediately allowed us to cut back on the amount of time we spent uploading products to eBay,” said Wilson. “By hosting our inventory on ChannelAdvisor, we eliminated the risk of overselling. We used its multichannel platform to expand to Amazon — and even Trade Me in New Zealand.”

Woodbury Outfitters tapped into ChannelAdvisor’s Supply to Sell program to collaborate with HubLogix. Using both ChannelAdvisor and HubLogix enabled Woodbury Outfitters to map its product content with multiple suppliers. The company could now map more product data to actual inventory with distributors and list far more product on marketplaces than it could before.

“ChannelAdvisor and HubLogix boosted our profit margin. We have a formula in place to select warehouses that create the greatest margin for fulfilling orders,” said Wilson. “We grew our selection on marketplaces by more than 400%. We’re using an automated process to constantly update our pricing and tracking information, as well as update inventory at each of our distributors.”

The Results

  • Grew online sales by approximately 300% year over year
  • Facilitated 31% of its total sales from the ChannelAdvisor Supply to Sell program
  • Increased Amazon sales by approximately 400% year over year

Woodbury Outfitters has grown its online business significantly since using ChannelAdvisor and HubLogix. The Supply to Sell program now accounts for 31% of the company’s overall sales.

“We’ve tripled our online sales year over year, and we’ve quadrupled our Amazon sales,” said Wilson. “Because of our rapid growth, we recently opened a call center to improve our customer service. We’re hoping to launch on Walmart soon, and we’re exploring opportunities with Jet and Sears.”

Woodbury Outfitters

Location:Cleveland, OH

Web: https://www.woodburyoutfitters.com/

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